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BDA Solutions have been  formulated to clean and care for your skin. They combine highly effective antimicrobial properties with the skins neutral pH level to give you the protection without irritation.

Fragrance, colourant and alcohol free.

Specifically formulated to protect against complications and soothe your tattoo, BDA Solution is made to be used before, during and after the tattoo process. It combines highly effective antimicrobial properties with a skin neutral pH, enabling it to give protection without irritation.
Using BDA tattoo solution, you will achieve longer tattoo sessions, without puffiness, swelling

or numbness. ​It's been known to halve the recovery time!

The only tattoo solution with all the perks and none of the compromises!

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Body Tattoos Piercings

BDA Piercing Mouthwash (coming soon) cleanses and deodorises to provide high levels of hygiene after having an oral piercing. Keeps mouth clean and healthy and gives antibacterial protection without stinging or irritation.


Want to change your piercing quicker?

Then you don't want to skip on the BDA Piercing Mouthwash!

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BDA Piercing Solution has been specifically designed to be used before, during and after the piercing process. Our fine mist spray reduces redness, swelling and discomfort caused by the process.

BDA has a skin neutral pH and being free from chlorhexidine, glycerine and alcohol, means it has hypoallergenic, non-cytotoxic and non-irritating properties. It doesn't stain, and it provides professional protection against complications. 

Additionally, using BDA Piercing Solution will halve the skin recovery time allowing for more piercing fun!

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